Over the years, I’ve personally come to realise the importance and power of how you look to your possibilities in succeeding at ventures and ambition.

It’s common saying that the way you dress is the way you’re addressed. My Mum used to say that a lot it got stuck in my mind permanently, hence, I try as much as possible to look the best I can depending on the outing, occasion or event.

A challenge I personally faced growing up in looking my best was the financial capacity to afford a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories I saw and wanted so badly. I could only buy what I could afford, this consequently to an extent affected my confidence, personal pride and social interaction. But in reaction, it propelled me to dream, think and work hard in life so that one day, I’ll be able to wear what I wanted, not what I could afford.

We all have different motivators for success in life and I must admit, wanting to look good always was one of my motivators – vain as this may sound. Today, I’m glad to say that dream has come true to an extent. Having turned out a management consultant and mindset coach, I do a lot of thinking and reflecting and one day, I began to think critically about dressing and appearances.

In the course of my meditation, it was revealed dressing is for 3 major purposes.

  1. For covering
  2. For comfort
  3. For communication

It is alien to the human nature to stride the earth naked especially in public places. Nudity, no matter how intense the advocacy for self-expression in fashion, in my opinion still upsets the sensibilities of those around, hence it is unnatural. Covering up is a major purpose of dressing up.  Anything you wear that makes you uncomfortable no matter the beauty or style is not good enough. Uncomfortable dressing can subsequently affect your health, well-being and even your mood at that moment.  Nothing gives more fashion pleasure than looking good and being very comfortable in it – it feels like heaven!

Lastly, but not least, communication, is one of the purposes of dressing. When people see you they immediately make up their minds about who they think you are and how they will relate with you.

Your dressing communicates so much. It says a lot about you, your level, your class, your intelligence, your exposure, your mood, including tribe, ethnicity, religion and personal credentials. Wisdom is to think critically about what you wear says to those around you, they judge you based on how they see you before you utter a single word.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to welcome you to the world of TOUCH OF NUBIA where we put you; your comfort, your confidence, your class and communications first when it comes to your fashion needs.

We put you first as we conceive our designs, and details in crafting of a befitting and truly fitting outfit for you.

We give you our best so you can look your best without hurting your purse. We are affordable, passionate and delighted to satisfy your fashion needs at all times.

Welcome to our world and say goodbye to poor finishing in dressmaking, delays in response time, and disappointing delivery time.

No matter how you look, we make you look better always. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the world of TOUCH OF NUBIA COMPANY.

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