10 makeup essentials for beginners

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As a profound makeup lover, I can proudly say that I have started doing makeup since my Junior Secondary School. Influenced halfway by my Mom and more by a conscious defiance against all commands to stop and I know that I’ll be obsessed for a long time. When I first started my makeup journey I had a lot of questions Mom refused to answer hence I found YouTube!

Starting out, I took hints from her but then on my first make up shopping expedition I had no idea what to buy or what tools would work best for me. Here is a list of the ten makeup essentials I think every beginner needs without breaking the bank:

  1. Cleansing face wash

Firstly because you ALWAYS need a clean surface to work on, but also because you cannot totally trust your regular bath soaps to cleanse your facial skin properly. Whatever facial wash you intend to choose, be sure that it’s the right choice for your skin type, and also that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could harm your skin. Fling it once it stings! A good choice brand for most skin types is CETAPHIL, they have provisions from Normal to Combination, Oily and Dry skin types which you can buy at almost any drugstore.

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  1. Face moisturizer

The next thing you need to do after washing your face is pat dry. Washing your face can be a bit drying, so it is important to moisturize afterward. By doing so, you are making sure that your skin is flawless and receiving before applying makeup, especially if you have dry skin. My lotion of choice is the NIVEA SOFT and as of the last time I got it, it retailed at N1,900.

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  1. Primer

Primer helps you prepare your face for makeup and it helps your face beat stay fresh for longer. The use of a face primer can never be overstated in that it serves as the base to which every other item of make-up holds. Hence, it is very important to get a face primer that caters to the peculiarities of your facial skin be it that you have oily, dry normal or combination skin. There are primers for large pores, discolorations, etc. An example is the MILANI PRIME SHIELD.

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  1. Foundation

If you have an errand running day to day schedule. You might not have the need for one. Foundation brands have increased spectrum to cater for light, medium to full-coverage looks. I enjoy doing a full face of makeup, so foundation is a necessity for me. The foundation that works best for my skin currently is the ZIKEL EVEN TRUE FOUNDATION in 025, which has a large variety of shades for women of color and currently retails for N2500. There are so many things to look at when investing in a foundation, but some to watch for are coverage (sheer, medium, full), ingredients (especially if you have sensitive skin) and finish (matte, natural, dewy, glowy). Do your research and see what foundation has all the qualities and shades you’re looking for.

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  1. Concealer

Depending on what look you want to achieve, your usage of concealer will vary. Concealers can be used as a corrector for dark spots or for highlighting and contouring. Whatever the use, it’s always nice to have at least one in the purse. It’s also useful for accentuating the brows and keeping them ‘on fleek.’ My favorite concealer used to be the LA GIRL PRO CONCEALER which was sold at N1,700, which is extremely budget friendly.

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  1. Makeup brushes

It is important to have at least a 15 set Make up Brush, I’d be lost without my brushes, as they have different uses and functionalities. The larger ones are primarily required to apply foundation, powder, bronzer or blending. The smaller ones work well for eye shadow application. Investing in more expensive brushes once you get familiar with makeup is worth it to many as the different brushes should be used for separate items. They are often made with higher quality elements that don’t waste product, make sure your makeup blends seamlessly and don’t irritate your skin. It’s up to you to invest when you feel comfortable. An example is the ZOEVA 15 PIECES BRUSH SET you can get it from any retailer as cheap as N3,500.

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  1. Mascara

The usefulness of a Mascara can never be over emphasized, as it can be multi-functional and on your lazy days, can be your only item of make up for your eyes. The brightening effect that the mascara gives to the eyelids makes them look awake when applied, there is the Volumizing and the Lengthening mascara and they could be combined when you want to add the extra sauce to your look. The Mascara should always be applied to the natural lashes before you apply your falsies so as to prevent you from losing the hairs when pulling off the falsies. My current fave is the ZARON LENTHENING MASCARA and it currently retails at N2,350.

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  1. Lipstick (or lip gloss)

I am a lover of matte Lipsticks. It’s the cherry on top of most look I go for. It’s always great to have your go-to gloss or lipstick at hand because it effortlessly just makes your face pop. My favorite lipsticks presently are from the CLASSIC MAKE UP USA brand, you can get one for as low as N500

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  1. Eye Pencil

Eye pencils have many great uses. They’re perfect for shading in your brows, lining your eyes, or even lining your lips to make them fuller, depending what shade you use (I buy mine in dark brown for my brows). They’re also about N100 at the market or your local make up supplier, which just makes them even better. 

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  1. Eyeshadow

If complex eye shadow looks aren’t your thing, that’s just fine! Just grab some neutral colors to use for a natural glow or preferably an all purpose eye shadow pallet that has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, look out for the following colors (Brown, Nude, Champagne Gold, Soft Orange). I’m currently using a beginner friendly eye shadow palette from ELMA BEAUTY it sells on their website at N7,000. For a beginner though, it is always advisable to get a palette with straightforward labels for each color telling you where to apply it on your eyelid.

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