Let’s talk Accessorizing!

One can imagine that when you open your wardrobe to pick out what to wear every day, it is literally a show as your eyes catch on an endless array of possible outfits that could speak the statement you want for that day! Then there’s accessories that make up the full outfit. We’re talking bags/purses, shoes/sandals/kicks, earrings, watches, bracelets, neck pieces, rings, belts,  even hair accessory. That being said, it is a known fact that not all ladies buy into the whole adornment parade, well to say one is fashionable is to have at least four on each day.

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We are about to go on a series that would help you make decisions on what to pair with your outfits for either work, formal, informal outings and come out looking fabulous, if people are going to stare, we may as well, make it worth their eyes. Starting off, we are touching on NECK PIECES also known as Necklaces. When you think of buying a necklace, what factors immediately come to mind? Is it the size of the necklace, the type, how shiny it is, the color….? Your mind will be bombarded with all sorts of ideas! How much are you looking to spend? Do you care..? Again, a million questions in your mind!

Before I offer you an answer, I need to ask if you know the different neck lace types, if you don’t then let’s get educated on that first, then we move to how to pair them with outfits’

There are three basic types of necklaces;

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*Chunky necklace/Statement Piece; do you want to make your bust look smaller?  Look for larger scale necklaces which help to distract from your bust.  You can choose a necklace made from many smaller pieces or one large one, depending on what you want to communicate and your own personal scale. A larger piece is more bold and dramatic and will communicate that you are happy to be the center of attention.

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*Long necklace; the effect of this style is perfect for all of your basic outfits that need to be spiced up a little. You can wear such a style with your everyday casual look or with a floral and girly dress. More often than not, it will draw attention to your lower abdomen, so you want to make sure that your belly is looking as snatched as it can be, or at least, suck belle….lol. The other effect that the long necklace gives is that of a longer torso and it effortlessly draws attention to your cleavage. So if you don’t have a problem with the above, go get yourself one and the best part about them is they look more elegant when layered.

Photos; Tat2 Designs,Ali Express

*Choker; the best things about a choker is that it’s the one type of necklace that goes will with most neck sizes or shapes! The choker necklace is best rocked with an off shoulder or a cold shoulder top. It adds a rather firm and put together effect to the neck of the wearer. The only basic rule is to make sure that you don’t make it too tight when you wear it. The choker neck piece type also comes in a plunging neckline design that affords a line or two of the neck piece run through your cleavage, this type is usually advised for the slim body type so the necklace doesn’t go scratching you when you are out.

Photos; Lizzy James, Viva La Vibes

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